The Essential Role Of Cable Assembly

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These days, it is important that one must always consider the right level of protection in any situation or circumstances. Cable assembly is more than just unifying the components and wires of cables together. It definitely offers protection from impact damage and vibration, moisture entry, abrasion, fire restraint, chemical vapors and extreme temperature. Cable assembly is not only applicable to electric devices and furniture, but it is also applied to medical, transportation and recreational products. There are several options for you to choose when it comes to assembly of cables. The advantage of Over-Taping is that it is ideal for low-risk applications and provides inexpensive protection against impact damage, vibration and low level abrasion. In addition, because the wires are insulated, you can easily handle and install a harness or loom. This type of assembly is over-taped by using electrical tapes.

Cable assembly manufacturers offer another versatile solution to protecting cables. Heat shrink is used for mechanical protection, electrical insulation, cable identification and sleeving, harness and cable bundling. It offers protection from vibration, impact, abrasion and moisture ingress at the same time. Heat shrink is available in a wide selection of colors, thickness and materials. What's great about the heat shrink is that it can be used to meet the environment's demands. This type of assembly is flame-resistant as well even in the most extreme weather conditions. Another type of cable assembly is the braiding. It is ideal for protecting and jacketing a wide range of wire and cable assemblies. It offers lightweight yet durable protection in places where a conduit is impractical to have. It also retains flexibility and can be used under the vehicle's carpet. If you need an assembly that offers complete protection, you can go with over moulding. It is useful in protecting connector joints and delicate components and they also aid in making the assembly of cables tamper-proof.

What sets over moulding apart from the rest is that it is esthetically pleasing in terms of cable protection. It can be used to better the product's appearance and protects the wiring from moisture ingress, heat and impact damage, abrasion and vibration simultaneously. However, there are some locations where moisture ingress is of utmost concern. This is where thorough water-proofing is needed. Assemblies that are waterproofed effectively prevent moisture ingress and provide safety from heat damage and abrasion and these are very ideal for units that are exposed in high humidity or extreme weather. Several sectors that often opt for waterproofed assemblies are military, medical, water utilities, traffic management equipment and marine. Overall, regardless of which cable assembly you prefer, you are guaranteed that your equipment or your property is protected from several elements that could adversely affect them.

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The Essential Role Of Cable Assembly

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This article was published on 2011/08/23